Musée d’Orsay

Musée d’Orsay, Paris

This was the queue we were asked to join for people who had tickets for the same time as our tickets. My tourist foreboding was rising. It was only about a 10-minute wait as they regulated how many people could squeeze through the revolving door at a time. Inside we started at the top with the ever popular Impressionists. It was wall to wall people and almost impossible to look at the paintings. One young woman had fainted and was lying on the floor with her family insisting she was fine. We quickly escaped to less crowded floors. Click any image below to see them bigger.

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Adam Isler


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    1. I’m guessing it is. We were there 25 years ago when it was fairly new and it was delightfully empty. This appeared to be how they operated now and it was a rainy Tuesday. Some other floors were much less crowded and one could stand a few feet away from a picture and look at it for a minute or so, uninterrupted. This has really become a global issue and is leading me to lots of Luddite feelings about travel. In future, perhaps, we should all just stay home and use less energy.

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