6 thoughts on “Carl Schurz, Defender of Liberty and Friend of Human Rights Overlooks Harlem”

  1. Hi Adam. This is a great shot and I’d like your permission to use it in a blog post. Sorry to ask via a comment but I can’t find any other way to contact you. I’m creating a new website for the German American Hall of Fame. On the new site, there is a series of posts about German Heritage sites in America to visit. Your photo would enhance the Carl Schurz Monument page nicely. With your permission and photo credit back to this page, would that be acceptable to you? thanks in advance for the consideration! I can share a link to the page if you want once posted.


    1. Craig – be my guest. Credit and the link back will be fine. This image has already been used by the Karl Schulz Haus in Freiburg and sold for a German television documentary. I think the angle I achieved by climbing the wall to look out over Harlem is one reason it’s been so popular.


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