Broadway Transit Worker

96th and Broadway, New York
96th and Broadway, New York

Another of the earlier pictures in my series, The Burghers of Broadway, currently appearing on the NYPL (New York People Live) Facebook page. This one is from July, 2004.

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Adam Isler


2 thoughts on “Broadway Transit Worker”

  1. I really appreciate that you photograph every day people on the street… so I have a question… do you always ask your subjects if you can take their photos…. do you ask them to sign a release?


  2. I recently posted on this subject over on my Facebook page, New York People Live – NYPL (see link over on the right). The answer is that both ethically and artistically I prefer to ask but there are many street situations where it’s not feasible or practical and so I also take many pictures of people who are unaware that I’m photographing them, especially in the subway. I generally do not photograph people who ask me not to, unless they are doing something in public I deem “newsworthy.” I once got into a debate, for instance, with a woman who had set up a political campaign table on a busy Broadway corner and was asking people to support her cause. My feeling is that if you’re soliciting people in a public street, your wishes notwithstanding, you’re not in a position to disagree.

    As for releases, long standing precedents in the United States have established that one needn’t have a release for photographs taken in public places and used journalistically or artistically. One needs a release if one wants to use the photograph commercially, that is, to advertise some other product. I am not a lawyer, however so you should get competent legal advice if you are about to publish pictures of your own in some fashion that you think might require a release.


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