TIL: Thanksgiving Parade

81st St and Central Park West, New York

I never noticed before, but to accommodate the Thanksgiving parade floats, all the streetlights are pulled out of the way on the parade route. Here we see the light being pulled back into place. First a guy in a cherry-picker lassos the light, then drops the ropes down to his partner on the ground. Then he loosens the bolts on the lamp post and the partner uses the rope to heave the lights back into position before the bolts are tightened again. Who knew?

Broadway Transit Worker

96th and Broadway, New York
96th and Broadway, New York

Another of the earlier pictures in my series, The Burghers of Broadway, currently appearing on the NYPL (New York People Live) Facebook page. This one is from July, 2004.

My Truck

West 92nd Street, New York

I was initially struck by the quality of the light filtering through the fiberglass skylight of the truck and started photographing the back storage area. But then this workman was very pleased that I was photographing his truck and agreed to be photographed with his truck. This is the pose he struck, unbidden.