3 thoughts on “Joe’s Pizza

    1. OMG – I’m so sorry to hear that. When I was a bout 40 or so I developed an allergy to crab for the first time in my life. One day, explaining it to an intern at the hospital taking my history while I was waiting to see a doctor about an ankle problem, the intern went on and on about how unfortunate that was and how sorry he felt for me and how could I take it and did I know crab was one of his favorite foods and he didn’t think he could live without crab in his life, and on and on. He’s lucky we were on a low floor. Anyway, I feel for you. Perhaps it will return sometime after treatments are done?

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      1. Oh, Adam–haha! I think I’d have mustered all my courage and hobbled out of that ER in a heartbeat! This surgery and chemo has really changed my eating habits tremendously. I had been vegetarian and then became vegan a few years before the cancer diagnosis. After the surgeries, I could not stand to look at tofu or tempeh (no surprise, right?)–all I wanted was Havarti cheese and alfredo pasta. A year and a half later, and I am back to vegetarian and still love cheese–hold the pasta sauce. So strange. My Italian grandmother is rolling, I just know it….

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