Old Snow

Brooklyn New York

Some dirty snow, from the same January 2004 trip to Brooklyn mentioned in the last couple of posts. Notice how the Dimage A-1 lens resolved the snow in the background into lovely circles of confusion.

The Lovely Margaret

Brooklyn, New York

The Brooklyn furniture store, back in January 2004, and mentioned in my last post, was big on screens and nets and meshes of all types. I photographed the whole family through some screen or other, directly as jpegs on the Dimage A-1.

Red Hook

In late November, 2003, a friend gave us lunch at his restaurant and walked us around Red Hook, Brooklyn. Still new to shooting jpegs, straight out of the camera with the 5 MP Dimage A-1, I took these (an many other unworthy ones) as we walked through the neighborhood. Click any one of them, to see them all enlarged.

Flame Tree

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York

Since Industry City was a little bit of a bust, we wandered over to Green-Wood Cemetery and wandered around a little bit. Chartered in 1838 it’s a really beautiful place to visit in New York.

Sic Transit

Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

Ordinarily, to get out to Industry City, we would have taken one of our west side trains, the C or the 1,2 or 3 to the R, N or D. However, this weekend the R, N & D all had major work going on at various places so we had to take the the C to the G and then, avoiding crowded buses, we walked a mile and a half instead. At the bus stops, transit workers herded subway riders to the buses and stopped for a joke. (On the way home, the C was not running uptown so we had to take different detours.)


Third Avenue, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York

Another Robert Moses special, the Brooklyn Queens Expressway cut neighborhoods apart, casting the gulf between them into permanent shadow.


Industry City, New York

Went out to Industry City in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, last weekend. They’ve turned several massive old industrial buildings into a massive, hipster (with kids) retail complex. We were intending to follow a self-guided walking tour which included artists’ studios on upper floors – they were all closed. So there was lots of Covid-style eating establishments and trendy retail, Halloween decorations, period architecture, public art (to come in future posts, but nothing especially galvanizing).