4 thoughts on “Stickers With What You Love”

    1. Well, you said it. I’ve never actually been to the Panhandle. There is an Artsy community not too far from the Panhandle in New Hope Mississippi I’ve been thinking about seeing. Maybe that will be next year’s winter adventure (although I was thinking more about southern France)…

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      1. I had to Google New Hope MS. Population is only 3K, so I am curious. Fairhope AL is a great spot as far as Artsy, but, honestly, I had never heard anything about New Hope. France might be a better choice. Also–I love living here in the Panhandle. Culture shock for me coming from NJ, but once I acclimated to the slower pace and to what in the heck they were saying (Southern accent still throws me sometimes), I would not want to move. Looking forward to more Edgy art.


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