Farnham Sunset

There’s a communal terrace on my block of flats (apartment building) and noticing a beautiful sunset out the window one evening I headed there to capture the sight. The top image was created using in-camera panoramic stitching.

White House Planter

87th St and Central Park West, New York

There’s an apartment building on the corner here which styles itself “the White House,” I’m not sure why. Every year I promise myself I’m not going to post pretty pictures of flowers – not my thing – and every year, as we emerge from the slough of Winter I demur, especially following this plague year. These were in the planter in front of the White House.

Night Sun

82nd St and Amsterdam Avenue, New York

The night before Thanksgiving it seems to have become something of a tradition to come out and watch the preparations for Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. The whole neighborhood around the Natural History Museum, where staging occurs, had a festive, Mardi Gras feeling.