Anhinga Sunning its Wings

Weedon Island Preserve, Florida

I have been reliably informed that the Anhinga stands with its wings open to dry in the sunlight as they lack the natural oils in their feathers that other aquatic birds do. This one stood in this single pose much longer than my patience for it to move. I got about 10 of the same shot before giving up…

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Adam Isler


8 thoughts on “Anhinga Sunning its Wings”

      1. Basic concept (and I’m no physicist so I may not get this exactly right) is that the cat in the box is either alive or dead (or alive and dead) and you can’t know which without opening the box and looking. But the act of opening the box forces the cat into one state or the other. You open the box and observe a dead cat, but it’s your act of checking to see if the cat was alive that forced it to be not alive… or something like that.


      2. Oops! Touched the wrong place and off it was before I had finished… I wanted to add ‘yep, cats would do that…’


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