Rooftops and Treetops

Stuck at home means lots of window shots. After discussions about the interesting compression effects of telephotos with the #dumbo15 collective, I’ve dug out a 55-200 zoom I seldom use and have been shooting with it a lot. Below, some example of that compression effect.

West 93rd Street, New York

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Adam Isler


2 thoughts on “Rooftops and Treetops”

  1. But your views are wonderful. I live in an older neighborhood surrounded mostly by trees, so my views are a bit boring. Thank goodness for the never-ending drone of some of the well-to-do neighbors having their lawns manicured to within an inch of their lives–otherwise, it would be so quiet…..


  2. Not too bad. We’re on the 7th floor and the building at the back, on the next street, has an open area kind of plaza on top of their lobby giving us a slice of view and light we might not otherwise have.

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