Box of Trees

Every time I see two rows of squared-off trees like this (there are some in the Tuileries in Paris as well) I’m reminded of a painting that’s stuck in my mind as a Magritte. However, even though we were on our way to the Magritte Museum and, despite searching arduously on the Internet multiple times I’ve never been able to locate it so I have no idea what I’m misremembering.

More Wey Reflections

Reflections in the River Wey were particularly lovely on this North Downs Way walk back on the 10th of June. (Click images to see larger; if viewing this in email you may need to click the post title first to open it in a browser.)

North Downs Way

We live a couple blocks from an entry to the North Downs Way so it’s a frequent place to go for a walk. While I’m not really one for pretty landscapes, you can hardly expect me to go for a 5-mile walk without carrying a camera, can you? Click on any picture to see them all enlarged to full size.

Bedroom Window


We rented an apartment (a flat) before coming to the UK off the evidence of a video walk-through. It’s brand new construction in a complex that’s only half done, of a development we’ve come to learn has been controversial, with local opposition for years.