A visit to Ulster Co

Natural sculpture, black & white

This past weekend we went to visit friends in Ulster County, NY, near Woodstock. After lunch we went for a walk on the Ashokan Reservoir rail trail from which I got a number of interesting pictures.

Natural sculpture, color
Esopus Creek

Blog note: this is also the first time I’ve been forced to use the new block editor for my post and I can’t say I’m loving it. Please excuse the next few posts if they don’t look quite right as I get used to the new way of doing things.

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Adam Isler


4 thoughts on “A visit to Ulster Co”

  1. No one is loving it. I would not have known if you hadn’t said. Everything looks fine, Adam. I’ve been using Classic Block, which was working fine until a week ago. It’s ridiculous.

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    1. I find the problem is that you have to use different blocks for every little thing and I can’t always find th right block type or editing tool. I can understand why they want to move to this much more object-oriented approach but it makes for a hellish editing experience if you have multiple types of things to say or do.


      1. I follow numerous bloggers who have checked in with those helpful little elves–the Happiness Engineers. What a waste of time. Everyone is trying to help everyone else instead. And turns out things are different for those who pay for WP services and those who use the free sites. Confusing? Oh, yes. ‘Hellish’ is being kind.


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