A visit to Ulster Co

Natural sculpture, black & white

This past weekend we went to visit friends in Ulster County, NY, near Woodstock. After lunch we went for a walk on the Ashokan Reservoir rail trail from which I got a number of interesting pictures.

Natural sculpture, color
Esopus Creek

Blog note: this is also the first time I’ve been forced to use the new block editor for my post and I can’t say I’m loving it. Please excuse the next few posts if they don’t look quite right as I get used to the new way of doing things.

Littoral Pastoral

Our last image from Germany for now, a lovely pastoral scene along the Regnitz (I think). The last of the German scenes from my father’s collection of Kodachrome slides shot in 1955-56, for now, at least (see the full story here).

Regnitz River, Germany


Continuing with the Kodachrome slides my father shot in Europe in the mid-1950s (original story in this post), we remain in Germany.

According to my mother, Bamberg is known as Klein-Venedig (“Little Venice”) because of its canal, although Wikipedia suggests no canal but the River Regnitz and only a colony of fishermen’s houses from the 19th century along one bank of the river get that appellation. Here are a few snaps of the waterway, the middle one featuring my mother.

Regnitz River, Bamberg, Germany

Bamberg’s Regnitz river, Germany