Reflections on the Water of Leith

Water of Leith Walkway, Edinburgh

We next descended the Dean Bank to the Water of Leith, with the trees above it beautifully reflected in the water, tempting me to take too many similar pictures. Click any of the images below to see them bigger (you may need o click into the post title first if you’re not viewing this directly on the web site).

Walkhampton Common

On 19th May we did a 10-mile walk on Walkhampton Common. These pictures will give some idea of the varied landscapes and terrain we encountered. If viewing in email, click the post title to click into the images and see them larger.

The Moor


Seine, Paris

Everywhere we went in Paris (and we were mostly in the touristy 16th Arrondissement), there were people photographing themselves by the Seine, particularly engaged couples with professional photographers along, especially with the Seine and the Eiffel Tower in the background. This woman was walking with a companion and a photographer and stopped to get photographed with the swan.

One and Three Ceramics*

*with apologies to Joseph Kossuth

Came upon this interesting, fabric-textured ceramic, so I took a shot of it; then pulled back for some context so one could see the wall of the bridge support it was on, then pulled back even more so one can see where that bridge is. I couldn’t find any information on what it was, who its creator was or anything. Beautiful. Click any of the images to see them all enlarged to full size.

English Dusk

A little over 12 years ago, on a wintery February day, I last took the EuroStar to Paris. Some may remember landscapes I posted from that trip, where I deliberately kept the shutter speed slower to bring some motion blur into the images, yielding a soft, impressionistic effect. This time, the EuroStar pictures were taken on the English side under a vibrant sunset hour. Click any image to see them all full-sized.