A visit to Ulster Co

Natural sculpture, black & white

This past weekend we went to visit friends in Ulster County, NY, near Woodstock. After lunch we went for a walk on the Ashokan Reservoir rail trail from which I got a number of interesting pictures.

Natural sculpture, color
Esopus Creek

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Walking along Central Street in the Edge we noticed an interesting rock sticking up from some palm fronds – it looked like perhaps it had been carved into an animal shape. Hanging over the railing, hunting for the right angle from which to photograph it we were hailed from within a deep garden by Jazzmen who invited us to walk around the building to the back where he took us on a tour of the art park, full of scavenged odds and ends (and no trespassing signs) deposited in nooks and grottoes throughout the lush plot whose owner, Danny, it seemed we were expected to know.

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Cap Rock

Eventually we emerged from the car and took the brief 0.3 mile walk around Cap Rock as the sun began to go down and the fog rolled in and out. Gorgeous.

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Approaching Cap Rock


Approaching the short Cap Rock trail in Joshua Tree National Park by car, I continued to shoot at 1/250th of a second yielding the same motion blurred foreground and sharp background. Processed using Fujifilm’s Velvia vivid landscape film profile on a cloudy day just before the late afternoon sun headed down.

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