Sic Transit

Fourth Avenue, Brooklyn, New York

Ordinarily, to get out to Industry City, we would have taken one of our west side trains, the C or the 1,2 or 3 to the R, N or D. However, this weekend the R, N & D all had major work going on at various places so we had to take the the C to the G and then, avoiding crowded buses, we walked a mile and a half instead. At the bus stops, transit workers herded subway riders to the buses and stopped for a joke. (On the way home, the C was not running uptown so we had to take different detours.)

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Adam Isler


3 thoughts on “Sic Transit”

    1. That’s always been funny to me. Finding my way around the subways is much easier than finding my way on the roads. I’m always amazed, visiting the in-laws in South Jersey, how long people can discuss the best way to get from here to there for a place they’ve all been traveling to for the last 50 years. With the subway, it’s relatively easy, especially now that Google tells you the best routes and options at any given time.

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      1. Your comment made me laugh because my husband is always about ‘the shortcut’ which always involves the Interstate, which I do not like. So now the joke is always, “OK, we’ll go your way–the long cut.”

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