No Floats

81st St and Central Park West, New York

Last year on Thanksgiving I shot from this very same corner where most of the floats turned on to the parade route down Central Park West. (I posted a shot of workmen roping the traffic light and pulling it back into place after the parade.) This year the parade was a tame affair of a few floats pulled mostly by trucks for a block in front of Macy’s and shown on television only with no crowds allowed.

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Adam Isler


4 thoughts on “No Floats”

  1. I have to wonder if a lot of these ‘traditions’ will go by the wayside next year (fingers crossed for a normal 2021) when people realize how much work is involved. This parade was such a mainstay for me to watch on TV every year.

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    1. Yes, I think it’s an interesting question. I think some things will probably be killed off completely but others will bounce back like meat and dairy and keeping women out of the workforce did after WWII (even if people misremembered the pre war years).
      I’ve never been a great fan of parades but I did like sharing the morning with my daughter and the tradition we made of going to see it together.

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