Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

We didn’t really set out to see the parade, just taking a walk in the park on Thanksgiving morning, but we couldn’t help seeing some of the floats through the trees as we went. Click any image to see them all bigger (mobile device results may vary).

No Floats

81st St and Central Park West, New York

Last year on Thanksgiving I shot from this very same corner where most of the floats turned on to the parade route down Central Park West. (I posted a shot of workmen roping the traffic light and pulling it back into place after the parade.) This year the parade was a tame affair of a few floats pulled mostly by trucks for a block in front of Macy’s and shown on television only with no crowds allowed.

TIL: Thanksgiving Parade

81st St and Central Park West, New York

I never noticed before, but to accommodate the Thanksgiving parade floats, all the streetlights are pulled out of the way on the parade route. Here we see the light being pulled back into place. First a guy in a cherry-picker lassos the light, then drops the ropes down to his partner on the ground. Then he loosens the bolts on the lamp post and the partner uses the rope to heave the lights back into position before the bolts are tightened again. Who knew?


Central Park, New York

Little remarked amid the reports of the coldest Thanksgiving Day in a hundred or so years, Parks Department staff had been ordered to make sure no one in the park was allowed to get anywhere near the parade. Children and the elderly were vigorously chased from the grass, the rocks or anywhere within viewing distance of the parade.

Cold Turkey, Central Park

Unlikely couple.