3 thoughts on “Worried Outdoor Dining”

  1. Oh my–she does look worried. Great capture. What settings do you use for your night photos? Mine continue to come out way too dark when I have the ISO set to 1600. Thanks, Adam.

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    1. When I’m doing grab shots like this, at night, I usually shoot at 1/320th second to stop motion blur, auto aperture (which typically means f2 in this low light), and auto ISO up to 6400 which is often usable on my camera. I have done an awful lot of noise reduction on this image in post-production to hide the luminance noise that resulted. For a while I was shooting in a more manual mode with an aperture set to around f8 and pre-focusing on a useful street range, still allowing the ISO to ramp up on automatic but I was not getting as good results as I get from auto-focus and a lower aperture. But I bounce back and forth between the 2 strategies. Newer cameras have much better noise performance at higher ISOs than the cameras of even 5 years ago. Sometimes, of course, I embrace the noise in the file and enhance it with grain effects.

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