A New Monstrosity

91st St and Broadway, New York

Just as everyone who can afford it seems to be moving out of the city, monstrous new luxury apartment buildings are going up all over. This one, cleverly, goes up and over the nicer-looking, neighborhood-sized building it abuts.

Published by

Adam Isler


3 thoughts on “A New Monstrosity”

    1. They often don’t. But developers rule in NY. A pricey private school next door to my apartment applied for permission to add a couple of floors, in spite of the fact when they last did so they promised they never would again. They said the work would be done over the summer. I attended the Community Board meeting, at which the principal was caught in contradiction after contradiction (eg, he complained they had low sq ft per pupil, the school’s website boasted how much they had).
      The community board rejected their application. We then endured about 2 years of construction, with some of my neighbors losing their windows. Turns out the Community Board’s vote is advisory only…


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