A New Monstrosity

91st St and Broadway, New York

Just as everyone who can afford it seems to be moving out of the city, monstrous new luxury apartment buildings are going up all over. This one, cleverly, goes up and over the nicer-looking, neighborhood-sized building it abuts.


West 94th Street, New York

After coming out of quarantine the pipes in the floor of our 90 year old apartment building sprang a leak flooding our downstairs neighbor. The work undertaken by the building to fix this properly for the long term has meant the destruction of our bathrooms so we’re spending our evenings in a cheap hotel off Broadway in the neighborhood so we can go to the bathroom in the night if we need to and shower. A hotel room view.

Spiral down a militaristic stairway into hell…

66th St and Amsterdam Ave, New York

I think I may have photographed this before. I’m always struck by this new glass and steel apartment tower of Babel apparently rising out of MLK’s words.