Bedroom Window


We rented an apartment (a flat) before coming to the UK off the evidence of a video walk-through. It’s brand new construction in a complex that’s only half done, of a development we’ve come to learn has been controversial, with local opposition for years.

Night Construction

West 92nd Street

This public school building, housing several programs, has been under renovation for years and years, with crews working nights and weekends (you can actually make out 1 or 2 workers on upper floors on the right side of this picture). I once asked a passing worker what was taking so long and he told me that the initial contractor had done the job wrong and so now they were re-doing it. I asked how much longer it would take and he thought with good luck they could be done in another couple of years.

A New Monstrosity

91st St and Broadway, New York

Just as everyone who can afford it seems to be moving out of the city, monstrous new luxury apartment buildings are going up all over. This one, cleverly, goes up and over the nicer-looking, neighborhood-sized building it abuts.