from the train, Manchester to Wigan, UK

Some years ago I took a series of motion blurred pictures in Northern France from the window of the TGV from London, which I’ve always liked. I tried again here to capture the countryside blurred by the speed of the train and a too-slow shutterspeed.

Dirk Gently

We now interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you photos from the first two weeks of May taken hiking England’s Lake District. Pictures can scarcely do justice to the beauty of this area or how marvelous an experience we had wandering these trails among sheep, geese, ducks, cows and horses, stones and streams, lichen and moss.

Our first image is from the train(s) from Manchester to Windermere (we wound up taking 3 trains, then a bus, then walking a mile with our bags after the 6.5 hour flight from NY – we were a little tired upon arrival).

Manchester train station, UK