North Berwick

We walked from the train station through the town to the beachfront. Click either of the pictures below to see them larger.

Edinburgh Still Life

I also shot a couple of still-lifes, reflected self portraits and other items along the way. Click any of the pictures below to see them bigger (clicking into the post or post title first, if that doesn’t work).

Some Texts

“J’Existe,” which I originally imagined to be a plaint of unseen minority or immigrant populations, turns out to be a fashion brand of the artist Thierry Jaspart. We’ll be seeing that name again before we leave Belgium. I’m not sure why some names on the kiosk of artist names have been whited out. Are these the ones who have been ‘canceled’ of late?

Brussels Midi

We walked down Stalingrad, past all the Arab coffee houses, to the crowded platform at the Brussels Midi-Zuid train station. “In your own time,” might be the motto of the Belgian train service as only one train we took out of about eight trips actually left on time. OTOH, you can really travel all over the country relatively easily by train, something that can not be said of the US.


After Plymouth we drove down to St Agnes in Cornwall (well, I didn’t drive, but we did) for our next adventure. It was already early evening and we were tired. We walked down a steep hill to the sea for a quick look. Tomorrow (22nd of May, really), the real walking tour begins! If viewing in email, click the post title to click into the images and see them larger.

South Coast Path – May 16th

The next day, we only walked about 3 miles in a circuit starting from Lulworth and ending at Lulworth Cove .

If you succumb to any of these hazards, you may find yourself with a Scratchy Bottom:

Click any image below to see them all full-sized, with captions.

Margate: Places, Spaces, Heterotopia I

We arrived in Margate the first week of April, well out of the season so it was really empty, especially in the morning.

In my course we studied the difference between images and pictures, things and objects, spaces and places; where the first item in each pair merely is, whereas the latter has some human significance or meaning.

A heterotopia, again according to Wikipedia, is a concept elaborated by philosopher Michel Foucault to describe certain cultural, institutional and discursive spaces that are somehow ‘other’: disturbing, intense, incompatible, contradictory or transforming. Heterotopias are worlds within worlds, mirroring and yet upsetting what is outside. In my limited experience of reading about heterotopia, the term is extremely elastic, not to say nebulous, in the way it’s thrown about in art criticism.

Click any image to see them all full-sized.