English Dusk

A little over 12 years ago, on a wintery February day, I last took the EuroStar to Paris. Some may remember landscapes I posted from that trip, where I deliberately kept the shutter speed slower to bring some motion blur into the images, yielding a soft, impressionistic effect. This time, the EuroStar pictures were taken on the English side under a vibrant sunset hour. Click any image to see them all full-sized.

Train from Penrith

Thus ended our glorious sojourn in the Lake District. From Keswick we took a bus to Penrith and caught the train to London’s Waterloo station. Once again, I slowed my shutter to get some motion-blurred, pictorial images of the English countryside.

Click any image to see them each full sized (in a browser).


from the train, Manchester to Wigan, UK

Some years ago I took a series of motion blurred pictures in Northern France from the window of the TGV from London, which I’ve always liked. I tried again here to capture the countryside blurred by the speed of the train and a too-slow shutterspeed.

Brightening Brighton

And now a return to some of my father’s Kodachromes from the 1950s (see the full story here). Let’s finish off the UK with a couple of family shots from Brighton. In the first, my mother is perfectly radiant in prime blue and red while all about her is dreary, monochromatic gray (requiring absolutely no Photoshop fiddling on my part – this is virtually out of the camera). In the second shot, my father chomps on a piece of Brighton Rock, a bright pink log of pure sugar with the words Brighton Rock in red running right the way through from one end to the other so you see them wherever you are in the days-long it takes to get through it. Note that everyone at “the beach” is fully clothed.

Brighton, England

The Chair she sat in, like a burnished throne

Throne Room

I’m not sure whether this was in the Tower or Windsor, but found it among the Kodachromes left by my father, the resurrection of which is recorded here.

The White Cliffs of Dover

White Cliffs of Dover

My mother shed no light on which trip these shots of Dover were shot on. Troop ship from Germany to England? Tourist excursion? A day in Calais? I warmed up the top one considerable and I think it looks a lot more realistic but I wasn’t there so perhaps the cold greys of the bottom shot are more accurate. Here you can read the story behind these Kodachrome shots my father took in 1955-56.