Up to the Castle

Walking up Castle Street to the Castle grounds we passed the Windsor Alms Houses, with the Teddy bear in the window. The ashtray was much farther up the hill on a lamp post by the arbor near the Blind Bishop’s Steps. Click any image to see them all full-sized (from the browser – if seeing this in email, click through to obBLOGato first).

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Adam Isler


2 thoughts on “Up to the Castle”

    1. Yes and no. It’s brand new construction, whereas in NY our apartment building was 100 years old. Heating here is rather different. Everything’s electric which is a change, with an induction range top; radiators are large flat panels mounted vertically on the wall (and we haven’t turned them on yet). The building has a lot of modern features (nfc key fobs instead of keys, f’rinstance) that are as atypical here as they would be in NY. Many more minor differences that are insignificant by themselves but taken together add up to yield a delicious feeling of being somewhere new and different.

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