7 thoughts on “Handle”

    1. It’s nice to see friends but I’m surprised at how little I miss the city. I’m getting too old to enjoy the rude energy as I once did. One of the curses of dotage is to (mis)remember everything having been better.

      1. That is very interesting. You know what’s weird, on your blog site there is no comment from me or response from you. I’m reading your comment from that little ‘bell’ thing on the side bar on my blog. WP is becoming that rude energy of which you speak.

        1. There is still nothing on your post with our conversation. There have been a lot of issues with leaving comments lately–widespread. Nothing in your spam folder, either?

        2. Well, I just found one of your comments in this thread in the trash (maybe I fat-fingered it?) so I approved it. Let’s see if that helps (nothing in spam).

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