Old Bamberg

Some more images my father shot on Kodachrome in Germany in 1955-56. The first is my mother pulling on a bell pull somewhere in the old town, the second a look, evidently at the cobblestones.

If interested in the project of scanning the old slides, you can read about it here. A brief technical addendum: as I mentioned in another earlier post, I am attempting a transition from Lightroom to Capture One. However, Capture One has far weaker retouching capabilities (you can only use one source area per layer and these slides needed massive amounts of retouching for hairs, stains and God knows what all). Therefore I worked on them in Lightroom and then exported as a catalog. Unfortunately, I discovered to my chagrin that while Capture One will import and interpret many types of image adjustments, rotation, flipping and retouching are not among them, so unless I export image files with the adjustments embedded in them and then re-import them (doubling the storage required for 300 high-res TIFFs) they’re not really useful to me in Capture One. Fortunately, because this is an archival project of images that aren’t even mine I don’t anticipate needing to work on them much again.

The old palace (Alte Hofhaltung) – I think
Bamberg, Germany