3 thoughts on “Slim 68”

    1. Hah!
      When I was a teenager a friend of mine worked in a Good Humor ice cream store under the watch of a security camera. One day we were visiting him in the store and he threw a towel over the camera. We said, “don’t you get in trouble for that?” And he told us he imagined there was some guy in a darkened room in front of 100 screens from different stores who was supposed to be scanning all the screens all the time for something amiss. In other words, he wasn’t worried.
      Another time, I worked for a bank and they set up a super deluxe security center to monitor all the ATM vestibules and make sure customers were safe at all times. They decided to take a city official to visit it and show it off and when they got there the guard who was supposed to be monitoring everything was taking a nap.
      Likewise, fence security.

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