Tree and Shadow

Brightwells Yard, Farnham

A most unremarkable photo. I was struck by the tree and it’s shadow on the plain green background of the grass. I tried it in B&W but that didn’t really work for me. I tried reducing the saturation and a variety of other treatments. In the end I left it alone but changed it from Fuji’s Provia, my standard base raw interpretation to Fuji’s Classic Negative, which is somewhat less saturated. This is less bright green than I remember the original scene but more like the image I was trying to capture.

May 15th – Golden Cap

We took our first short (4.3 mile) hike in the Lyme Regis area to Golden Cap, “arguably the highest point on the south coast of Great Britain.” The views were breathtaking and I’m not sure these pictures really capture the feeling of being there. Click any image to see them all at full size.

Love in the Time of Corona

Riverside Drive, New York

I actually tried getting their attention to okay my picture-taking but they were so engrossed in each other that they never noticed me.