4 thoughts on “Police and Pigeons”

  1. You’re right – it looks that way. Sometimes, for reasons that are unclear to me but are probably user error, some menu deep in my camera innards gets jiggled to change my standard color balance. Then I correct it in Capture One and if I don’t have a good reference gray to work from I do it by sight and sometimes end up with a tad too much magenta (or some other hue). Every computerized device produces color differently so something that looks blue on my screen may look distinctly aqua on yours or in a final print. You get around that by calibrating with a piece of equipment that maps the colors of each device to a standard reference chart. When all the involved devices are calibrated to the reference colors in this way, they will all produce the same colors more or less consistently. I used to calibrate my monitor every 30 days but I’ve slacked off.

    1. This was about 11:00 or 11:45 in the morning. The sky color is an artifact of me playing with the color balance and the highlights and, of course, it may appear different on your screen from how it appears on mine if you’re not color calibrating (which few people are and I have to confess to have gotten somewhat slack about).

      1. I don’t know about color calibrating. The sky is a pretty, hazy pink which I thought was sometime in the morning or that it was from fog. Either way, I like it.

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