A Shooting

Last weekend when we went for a walk we happened on the aftermath of a shooting. Accounts vary, but it seems a crazed man with several guns climbed a tree or a scaffold as a choral concert on the steps of the Cathedral of St John the Divine was ending. Shouting, “kill me, kill me,” he shot into the air sending people on the street scrambling for safety. The police then shot him dead and then tons more police and emergency vehicles converged on the site.

Click any image to see them all enlarged.

Calling for Change

Last Saturday we joined a larger, longer march from 135th Street and St Nicholas Avenue across 135th Street and down Malcolm X Blvd, twisting a little bit to wind up at Frederick Douglass Circle. At the opening rally we heard spine-chilling stories from a couple of mothers of their experiences: one had called for help for her sick son only to see the responding police kill him; another was the mother of one of the Central Park Five who was incarcerated at 15 for 7 years for the rape of the Central Park jogger and was released as a registered sex offender. The horrors her family endured for decades before the actual perpetrator came forward are unimaginable. (Click any image to see them all enlarged.)

Coming on Policemen Unexpectedly

Columbus Circle, New York

This week I started shooting with my new Fujifilm X-T2, upgrade to the X-T1 I’ve been shooting with for the last couple of years. While mostly comfortably the same I have not quite finished setting everything up the way I like it and just discovered I was shooting jpegs rather than Raw. Also, allowed auto-ISO to go up to 12,800 for this night shot (maxed at 6,400 on the X-T1) which explains the plastic-y, somewhat painterly look of the noise reduction somewhat.