Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent

SMAK – Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst

We visited the Museum of Contemporary Art. I photographed some items I found particularly compelling, particularly if I could find an artistic shot to take, rather than a simple deadpan documentation, continued my series on the geometric spaces in museums, found mirrors in which to photograph myself, and was introduced to Grace Ndiritu, who we would see again in Antwerp.

Click on any of the images to see them all full-sized and with captions (if you’re seeing this in an email you may have to click the post title, above, first to view on the website).

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3 thoughts on “Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, Ghent”

  1. I especially like the future extension and Geometry photos. That’s quite the fanny pack you’re packin’. 🙄

    1. Yes, yet another failed camera bag experiment. You get tremendous shoulder pain humping around messenger bags or even smaller sling bags. This “hip pack” (fanny’s a rude word here that means something quite different) is for cyclists to carry some camera gear. But I find it tends to fall down over time so I’m constantly tightening it, which makes it awkward to twist round to the front; and it’s too large for wearing comfortably in front. The hunt for the perfect small, light bag that holds everything goes on…

      1. Excuse the pack faux pas. Urban Dictionary to the rescue. 😲 Knowing how much walking you do on a daily basis, that bag looked quite cumbersome. Good luck with the search.

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