A couple more from Duncan McClellan

St Petersburg, Florida

I couldn’t find any placards to identify these, the top image is a set of glass globes from their students; the bottom one is a close-up of a metal sculpture in the gardens.

(These pictures were shot over a week ago – everything’s shut now and we’re complying with attempts to halt the spread of Covid-19 by not going out except for necessities).


St Petersburg appears to be a home for many artists working with glass. We saw a demonstration of the art at the Morean Arts Center, all of the above were shot at the Imagine Museum and still to come is the Duncan McClellan Gallery. We haven’t made it yet to the Chihuly collection. Apologies to artists of the works above if I mis-labeled any of the works.

Click any image to see them all enlarged.

Table, Shadow

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

from the Museum web site:


Costa Achillopoulo

Little is known about the designer of this table, which is both a functional piece of furniture and a fantastical Surrealist sculpture. The glass tabletop rests improbably atop small balls balanced on the tips of three delicately tapering fingers, generating a sensation of tension and unease. Disembodied hands and gloves are recurrent motifs in Surrealist art, with the left hand, in particular, symbolizing the irrational. The cloudlike element from which the hand emerges also suggests a transition from the conscious to the subconscious world.