New York

I spent the final week of 2020 quarantined in my bedroom from the day after Christmas until a couple of days into the New Year – 10 days. While I never suffered any symptoms, I had accompanied my mother to take the test that was positive in her case, potentially exposing me and I followed NY State’s guidelines (and, yes, she’s nicely recovered now, thank you). Towards the end of those 10 days I pulled out my camera, attached a 60mm macro lens (90mm e) and started looking around the bedroom for something to shoot. Fair warning: bedroom macros coming up!

Alice Aycock

Marlborough Gallery, New York

Went down to the Marlborough Gallery last weekend (appointment and mask required) to see the Brassaï exhibit and also saw this.

Netting it Out

Last weekend (7th & 8th of November) we had gorgeous Autumn weather with temperatures in the low 70°s (over 20℃). Also, I had just received a new toy, the Fuji 16-55mm f2.8 lens. This is meant to be a replacement for the kit zoom lens which is a not bad 18-55mm f2.8-4.5. Relatively speaking, the new lens is a beast, much bigger and heavier. It also focuses instantly and silently and is a tad wider. And it’s $300 off at the moment. Naturally I took it out for a walk in Central Park so over the next few days I’ll be posting some quotidian Autumn color shots from the park. Of course the tiny 23mm f2 will remain my main walking around lens.

92nd St and Central Park West, New York


Long Island City, New York

Another one from the archives – January, 2009. This one was taken out the window of the old Court Square elevated subway station, looking out at the Court Square Diner before it, too, was renovated.