iPad Reflection

Farnham, UK

Continuing with reflections… Sitting on the couch, reading on my iPad, I noticed in the bright sunlight what a strong reflection there was coming off the glare on the tablet (with minor enhancing in Capture One). I had just received an email invitation to a self-portrait contest, so I thought here was an opportunity. It’s not really interesting enough to submit, but blogworthy, perhaps. Quick BTS below.

Side-view Self-Portrait

Palisades Parkway, New York

And this concludes the series of posts on last weekend’s trip to Cold Spring , New York and Nelsonville’s Undercliff Trail. We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming

Cubist Self-Portrait

Upper West Side, New York

So I’ve got the great 5MP Dimage now (Autumn, 2003) but what to photograph? There’s always oneself. Self portrait in a bathroom medicine cabinet mirror with today’s black & white conversion and post-processing in Capture One.

A Lesson

There were several pointers for white allies at the rally from the last couple of posts. While, I generally felt I was following many of the suggestions, one where I have not been active is patronizing black-owned businesses. An easy step to take was to grab dinner from one of the many restaurants that are still serving take out. We went to Chocolat on 120th Street and Frederick Douglass Blvd and while we were waiting for our order, I took this self portrait half out the window. We can recommend the delicious salmon burger and shrimp quesadillas.

120th St and Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York

Portrait of the Artist as an Old Dawg

Isolation, Upper West Side, New York

Isolation – without haircut, Upper West Side, New York

In isolation for months now, running out of things to turn my lens on so more self-portraits documenting the transformation in personal grooming I’ve been undergoing…

White Self-Portrait

White Street, New York

There was something really cool outside the window that evening I wanted to get. But just at the moment I was ready to snap the shutter, someone turned on all the lights and I got a totally different shot.