Back Home

Farnham, UK

Back home after our travels in July and this spore or floral frame was hanging by a single, unseen thread of spider silk from the side of the window. I watched it for days, blowing in the wind but not blowing away. Finally, one morning I opened the window wide, reached up and grabbed it by the thread. I then had the greatest difficulty detaching it and the still unseen spider thread from my finger and placing it on the window sill, in the stark sunlight, beside the shadow cast by a mint plant. Below is another shot I took of it by itself (with its shadow) using a 60mm macro lens.

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Adam Isler


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    1. Yes. Couldn’t quite figure out what it was but our best guess was a late stage of some kind of flower, like what a dandelion looks like after you’ve blown all its fluff away.

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