Pillar, Shadow, Moto

Avenue du President Wilson, Paris

These pillars link the Palais de Tokyo to the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris. I was struck by the strong light behind them, the wide shadows they were casting and how the shadows linked to the row of all black motorcycles but I couldn’t quite find the angle I wanted.

Some more haiku sketches

These are a few more shots, potentially for the haiku project. They are 2 different shadows on the wall, slightly before dawn, cast by the security lights of the construction site outside my apartment. Shooting at base ISO yielded exposure times of 2.1 and 4 seconds respectively.

Killip Reflection

The Photographers’ Gallery, London

Our next stop was the excellent Chris Killip retrospective exhibition at The Photographers’ Gallery. I noticed the reflections of the other passersby in this frame and sat a while, waiting for someone to inhabit the right spot in the reflection. Alas, I cut off the upper image unthinkingly.