Not too many good shots this past weekend, so it’s back to the archives of December 2003 we go: Australian summer, New York winter.

A few more flowers from the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, Australia that I missed on my last pass.

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New York

We’re still in the archive here, but at this point, Autumn, 2003, I’ve just decided digital has really arrived and I’ve bought the Minolta Dimage A-1, a “prosumer” all-in-one, 5 MP digital camera with a flip-up rear screen, built-in flash, 28-200mm (equivalent) lens – a camera I really loved. At this point, I haven’t yet learned about Raw and I’m still shooting jpegs straight out of the camera.

Time Life

Isolation, Upper West Side, New York

When I was about 12 or 13, Time-Life Books started issuing a subscription series of books on photography. They were very cheap, but much more than my weekly allowance would cover. I persuaded my father to cover half the cost and every other month a new volume would arrive. I devoured them. Initially a series of 8, they subsequently extended the series but we had left the country by then so I only have the original set. Still a worthy source for the budding young photographer.

Kodak DC280

Isolation, Upper West Side, New York

My first digital camera. Lovely, sleek design. Sometime in the late ’90s I decided digital had come of age and bought this 2MP beauty for something like $700 for family snapshots. That summer I had an epiphany with it on the beach at dawn, realizing how much better modern cameras with auto-focus were than my match-needle, fresnel-screen, manual-focus SLRs and soon I had switched to higher end digital cameras, sticking with Minolta (I had an srT101, an XE-7 and a couple of xD-11s) and getting the Dimage A1, a 5MP all-in-one that I loved, and then their first DSLR the 7D, now both long gone.