Not too many good shots this past weekend, so it’s back to the archives of December 2003 we go: Australian summer, New York winter.

A few more flowers from the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, Australia that I missed on my last pass.

Click any image to see them all enlarged (on laptop or PC – doesn’t seem to work on tablet or phone).

Flying by the Opera House

Sydney, Australia

The Opera House really is lovely and I took lots of pictures of it from many angles and in many lights. Looking back at these 5 MP jpeg images now, shot on my Dimage A-1, I’m forced to admit that most of them are not that good: noisy, ill-framed, poorly exposed.

Former Window

The Rocks, Sydney, Australia

Near the famous Sydney Opera House is a neighborhood called the Rocks. Walking about there in December , 2003 with my 5 MP Dimage A-1, I got this lovely sealed-up window.

Sydney Botanical Gardens

In December of 2003 I took a business trip to Sydney, Australia for a couple of weeks. What a city! I think I could live there quite happily. Naturally, I brought along the 5 MP Dimage A-1 that I was still shooting jpegs with. Click any picture to see them all bigger.

Flower Still Lifes

Minolta DSC

Conservatory Garden, Sydney, Australia

December (2003) saw me on my first business trip to Australia. I had a lot of fun taking obligatory shots of the Sydney Opera and the harbor bridge and just walking the streets. I got a lot of very colorful shots of unfamiliar flowers in the Conservatory Gardens, which appear to have been helped along by some injudicious use of the contrast and saturation sliders, their history lost to my early Photoshop zeal.