Welcome Back to NY

Grand Central Parkway, Queens, New York

We returned to NY about 2 weeks ago, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. There were 13 people on our flight and the airports at both ends were empty and destitute.

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Adam Isler


2 thoughts on “Welcome Back to NY”

  1. It seems weird to ‘like’ this, but who knew it would be such a preview of the awfulness to come. Thirteen people on your flight home–that’s crazy. I don’t know your feelings on Gov Cuomo but I think he is doing one heckuva job in keeping everyone informed on the virus. So much better than the nut job in DC.

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    1. I’ve never been a big fan of Cuomo’s but I’d have to agree. He’s been demonstrating leadership and he’s intelligent enough to understand what his experts are telling him, then threading a path through their differences and bringing us along. I read an amusing piece in Jezebel last week by a political reporter who has long loathed Cuomo and finds herself loving him now. She can’t wait for this to be over so she can get back to hating him.

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