Jazz on a Sunday Afternoon

These guys played a great set, combining sweet lyrical pieces with wide ranging dynamics as well as driving, beboppy pieces from Chris Potter on sax, spectacular drumming from Nahseet Waits (who regular viewers may remember was in the trio I posted from a few weeks back) and confident rhythm support from Joe Martin on bass.

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Jazz Yoga

The Mall, Central Park, New York

As the concert, featuring Chris Potter on sax, Joe Martin on bass, and Nasheet Waits on drums, began, a demonstration of some kind of yoga or acrobatics was given to the music. At the end of the concert we heard that lessons were available. The photographer is Jimmy Katz, founder, with Dena Katz, of Giant Step Arts and the Walk With the Wind concert series.

Walk With the Wind

The last Saturday of September we went to see one of the free Walk with the Wind performances in a series in Central Park honoring the memory of John Lewis. Performances, which are acoustic and feature small groups, take place at 1 p.m. on The Mall in Central Park. Here are some shots of the band – click on any one of them to see them all enlarged.

Joyous Night

Last Sunday night I got to see the great jazz guitarist, Pat Martino at Iridium. Maybe¬† because it was the last show on a Sunday night the house was pretty sparse. We got to sit right up front. It was a great set. The only time Pat spoke was to introduce the band members right before the last number. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember their names and I can’t find any trace of this particular lineup online anywhere so they’ll have to remain nameless. I didn’t get any decent shots of the organist so he’ll have to go unmemorialized here.

Click any image to see them all enlarged.