Joyous Night

Last Sunday night I got to see the great jazz guitarist, Pat Martino at Iridium. Maybe¬† because it was the last show on a Sunday night the house was pretty sparse. We got to sit right up front. It was a great set. The only time Pat spoke was to introduce the band members right before the last number. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember their names and I can’t find any trace of this particular lineup online anywhere so they’ll have to remain nameless. I didn’t get any decent shots of the organist so he’ll have to go unmemorialized here.

Click any image to see them all enlarged.

Mike Stern at 55 Bar November 18th, 2009

55 Bar: Mike Stern, Lionel Cordew, Lincoln Goines
Lionel Cordew - drum solo; Lincoln Goines
Mike Stern, guitar; Lionel Cordew on drums
Mike Stern - guitar solo

Mike Stern band at 55 Bar. We were practically sitting in the band and it was a great set.

Unfortunately to get any shots at all (without blinding the musicians with flash) I had to ramp the ISO up to 6400 with predictable results.