Verso Books, Brooklyn, New York

My high school classmate, Richard Lachmann, at Verso Books on Feb 12th, expounding on his new book, First Class Passengers on a Sinking Ship, a sweeping analysis of imperialism and hegemony in the capitalist age and the inexorable decline of American hegemony as our oligarchs extract what they can. I love the infinite regress of the screen behind them showing itself. Is this a metaphor for something?

Boss of the Grips

Word Up Community Bookshop, 165th St and Amsterdam Avenue, New York

Historian and friend, Eric K Washington, talking about the life and times of James Williams, as captured in his new book, “Boss of the Grips,” at Word Up Community Bookstore on December 5th. Well worth reading, the book tells the remarkable story of Williams but also relays black life in NYC starting in the late 19th century and extending to the middle of the 20th.