Duck Blind and Ducks

Well, not really a duck blind – more of an observation shack and not ducks either, but coming up with post titles is hard…

Last post for now from the latest update to my Meadowlands project which you can read about here.

DeKorte Park, New Jersey

Where the Hand of Man Has Never Set Foot

DeKorte Park, New Jersey

With apologies to Sam Goldwyn (or was it James Joyce?). A couple more shots from my Meadowlands project which I updated you on here and originally wrote about here.

Reed Grass

More from my Meadowlands project (you can read about it here or go back a few posts to read the latest update). According to a placard, this is Common Reed Grass or Phragmities australis. Click any image to see them all enlarged.

Wader Aloft

Another in the series begun at the end of last year that I started showing on New Year’s Day (see original post here, or update a few posts back). That’s Lower Manhattan in the background of the first shot. Not being a birder I’m not sure if this is a  snowy or great egret. Click on any image to see them all enlarged.


Some of you will recall I started this year with a project highlighting the human and industrial presence in the Meadowlands (you can see the start of that series from New Years Day here). Last weekend I was back at a slightly different location, the Richard DeKorte Park near Lyndhurst, NJ on the Hackensack River. We were lucky enough to get one of the first beautiful warm days of Spring. The next few posts will show my first rough cut of images from the shoot. (Click any image to see them all enlarged.)