Hurray for Essential Workers

At 7 pm New Yorkers have been going to their windows and balconies to make noise and cheer all the essential workers, medical experts and personnel, grocers, delivery-people, etc, who make life under Covid bearable, possible, even. Most evenings I can’t see where all the noise is coming from (my wife and I joke that it’s applause for our cooking as we’re usually sitting down to dinner when it happens). From my rooftop eyrie a week and a half ago I got to see it from a whole new perspective.

Click any image to see them all enlarged.

Upper West Rooftops

Upper West Side, New York

Some fantastice views from a rooftop on the Upper West Side on a beautiful Spring evening. Continuing to shoot with the tele-zoom at 200mm and enjoying the distance-compressing effects. Note the people in other rooftop gardens in all of the shots.

Socializing, Covid-style

Upper West Side, New York

Friends of ours were given access to a roof garden while friends of theirs are away. We had an awkward dance getting up the stairs while staying 6-feet apart but on the roof it was easy and the masks came off. Nicest time I’ve had all virus-season.