A Day Not Quite at the Beach

These shots are both just across a narrow path from the beach.

St Petersburg, Florida

(These pictures were shot a couple of weeks ago – everything’s shut now and we’re complying with attempts to halt the spread of Covid-19 by not going out except for necessities).

Boss of the Grips

Word Up Community Bookshop, 165th St and Amsterdam Avenue, New York

Historian and friend, Eric K Washington, talking about the life and times of James Williams, as captured in his new book, “Boss of the Grips,” at Word Up Community Bookstore on December 5th. Well worth reading, the book tells the remarkable story of Williams but also relays black life in NYC starting in the late 19th century and extending to the middle of the 20th.

Still Reading Infinite Jest

86th St and Central Park West subway station, New York

Infinite Jest is a fantastic, long (~1000-page) magnum opus by David Foster Wallace. I’ve observed (and posted images of) this dapperly-dressed man reading it for at least the last month on my daily commute.