On Photography

Isolation, Upper West Side, New York

Steidl printed a new edition of Sander’s classic 7-volume People of the 20th Century a few years back at a quite bearable price and I was lucky enough to pick up a copy for something like $75 (Amazon currently lists 7 copies ranging in price from $325 to over $1000).

If I can’t photograph anything new, I guess I’m down to photographing books of photographs or books about photography…

Time Life

Isolation, Upper West Side, New York

When I was about 12 or 13, Time-Life Books started issuing a subscription series of books on photography. They were very cheap, but much more than my weekly allowance would cover. I persuaded my father to cover half the cost and every other month a new volume would arrive. I devoured them. Initially a series of 8, they subsequently extended the series but we had left the country by then so I only have the original set. Still a worthy source for the budding young photographer.