Town Crier

The Borough, Farnham

Part of the festivities of the carnival in Farnham last weekend included a parade. Here, the town crier preceded the parade, crying, “oyez, oyez,” and, inexplicably, requested the crowd o echo it back to him. The plastic water bottle was a slight anachronism in his costume.


Castle Street, Farnham

Came upon these colourful people at the beginning of our walk. I asked a bystander what was going on and he told me these were past mayors of Farnham. His wife, he said, was the current mayor.


Central Park, New York

Little remarked amid the reports of the coldest Thanksgiving Day in a hundred or so years, Parks Department staff had been ordered to make sure no one in the park was allowed to get anywhere near the parade. Children and the elderly were vigorously chased from the grass, the rocks or anywhere within viewing distance of the parade.

Cold Turkey, Central Park

Unlikely couple.