Pl Poelaert Portraits

While we were admiring the view, I saw these 2 young men taking a selfie. Using hand signals with my rusty French, they agreed to let me take their picture. I shared my photo business card with them and the one on the right asked me to take a picture of him solo.

Holywell Bay to West Pentire

From Holywell Bay we followed the Coastal Trail to Kelsey Head, Porth Joke and West Pentire and Polly Joke before completing our circuit. We saw marvelous wild flowering (a woman we met said the pink ones were sea poppies). If viewing in email, click the post title to click into the images and see them larger.


As part of a workshop in alternative cameras I took a few shots with an old Canon Powershot A570 which had it’s infrared filter removed and a piece of orange gel taped over the front of the lens. This yielded some interest color IR effects. Click any image to see them all enlarged.


As mentioned in the last post, these are some glass sculptures outside the Lightbox in Woking. I took photographs through them of my classmate, Reeve (who kindly agreed), and myself on the evening of our private viewing of The Gathering (see the Exhibition page for more info.)


Farnham, UK

Four of my classmates and I had just completed our final presentations for Exploratory Practice and adjourned to the Graphics Studio to unwind. The afternoon sun was streaming brightly through the western windows and Luna kindly allowed me to shoot a few quick snapshots of her in the golden light.

Long-suffering Model

Continuing in the studio, here are some more digital polaroid test shots, preparatory to shooting with the Pentax 645.

And with that, there may be a drop in posts over the next few days. The film has been developed and scanned but there’s much work still to do, and preparations for the Lightbox show. Perhaps surprising now that I’m doing a photography full-time, I haven’t been shooting a whole lot and have no new images. Stay tuned.

Binocular Vision

Camberwell, London

While we waited to go into the studio, I couldn’t help but notice the stunning reflective sunglasses of my classmate, who kindly agreed to be photographed. My camera, reflected separately in each lens, came out looking like I was focusing a particularly large pair of binoculars on her.

Autumn Leaf Bouquet

Farnham, UK

I had already passed by this woman when it registered that the bouquet she was holding was made up not of flowers but of Autumn leaves. I asked her if I could take her picture with the leaves an she agreed. We chatted very briefly about how beautiful they were and I asked her if they were for a project and she said yes. Then I was on my way.


Farnham, UK

As part of our photography course we were inducted into the mysteries of studio lighting. My classmate Kota graciously allowed me to use this shot I took testing my flash meter use and ability to trigger the Bowens light from the transmitter atop my camera.

Benefit Ride

On the way back to Dublin from Donegal we passed through Northern Ireland again. Along the way we stopped at one point and I met this friendly man who was riding with his blue mascot as part of a benefit to help prevent suicides.