Brightwells Yard, Farnham, UK

Given the strong shadow against the building, I thought this might make a good black and white image. But it turns out I prefer the colour version.


Brightwells Yard, Farnham

I shot this looking out the window because I liked the geometry of it. The men were about to dig up a lot of the brick so they could lay some conduit along the base of the building, then cover it all up again. I thought of it as a black and white image at the time because of the strong shadows and the triangle formed by the two men and the circle of conduit in the lower left.

Cleaning up the Collision

102nd St and Amsterdam Avenue, New York

I asked what had happened and they explained to me about the car accident that had happened at 3:00 am: a car had careened wildly out of control up the the sidewalk, taking out the bus shelter and smashing things up generally. I was told they had already cleaned up extensively and I’d missed the opportunity to take great pictures.