Against the War

Some old film images I shot in Washington, protesting against the Vietnam War back in 1971.

Washington Protest

Some more from the vaults. These are some film shots taken at the big anti-Viet Nam War demonstration in Washington DC in April, 1971.

Against Columbus

The Mall, Central Park, New York

Went to another Walk with the Wind concert by the Shakespeare statue on the Mall the day before Columbus Day (now celebrated by my company as Indigenous Peoples’ Day). As it began, a protest march arrived next door at the Christopher Columbus statue (which I admit, I’d never really noticed before) .

Knees off Necks

Some people refer to the area north of 96th Street on the West Side and its denizens as Upper Schlepistan, because of all the alte kackers kicking around up there. Last weekend we joined them for an anti-racist protest featuring a chime after we chanted each of the names of approximately 175 victims of police or vigilante violence or murder.

Click any image to see them all enlarged.

After the March

Frederick Douglass Circle, New York

This was 2 weeks ago, at the end of the march I already posted about, from 135th Street.

Malcolm X Boulevard

Some more images from along the route of the Black Lives Matter, Justice for George Floyd march last Saturday discussed in my last few posts. Click any image to see them all enlarged.

Calling for Change

Last Saturday we joined a larger, longer march from 135th Street and St Nicholas Avenue across 135th Street and down Malcolm X Blvd, twisting a little bit to wind up at Frederick Douglass Circle. At the opening rally we heard spine-chilling stories from a couple of mothers of their experiences: one had called for help for her sick son only to see the responding police kill him; another was the mother of one of the Central Park Five who was incarcerated at 15 for 7 years for the rape of the Central Park jogger and was released as a registered sex offender. The horrors her family endured for decades before the actual perpetrator came forward are unimaginable. (Click any image to see them all enlarged.)

Along the Protest Route

Along the route up Frederick Douglass Blvd on Friday groups of people watched, cheered, put up their fists and took pictures.

Frederick Douglass Boulevard, New York


Friday we joined a march for white allies to learn to be better allies, led by professor La’Tesha Sampson from the Frederick Douglass statue at 110th Street up to the Harriet Tubman statue on 121st Street in Harlem

Frederick Douglass Circle, New York

121st St and Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York

122nd St and Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York

Vigil for George Floyd

Carl Schurz Park, New York

We’ve been following @justiceforgeorgenyc on Instagram, which notifies us of all the rallies going on every day. This is a nightly vigil by the Upper East Side grouping at Carl Shurz Park which sometimes marches to Gracie Mansion (but didn’t the evening we were there).

Act Up Lie In

Columbus Circle, New York

In mid-October Act Up, an HIV/AIDS activist organization, were demonstrating for the abolition of ICE, the US’s now notorious Immigration enforcement (or would it be more accurate to say their enforcement of non-immigration?) for the abuses inflicted upon would be immigrants with HIV.

No War

McKenna Triangle, Long Island City, New York


McKenna Triangle, Long Island City, New York

I went down to cover this protest outside the Citibank building in Long Island City, first to discover they were, incongruously, protesting NATO and the G8; next to discover it was a film and not a demo at all.

McKenna Triangle, Long Island City, New York


McKenna Triangle, Long Island City, New York


McKenna Triangle, Long Island City, New York