Old Snow

Out of pix so it’s back to the film archives from the 1970s with some images I don’t think I’ve posted here before.

If I recall correctly, in 1979 I bought my little brother a Pentax K-1000 for his 13th birthday and took him out shooting in the snow but failed ever to kindle the spark photography had lit for me.

Washington Protest

Some more from the vaults. These are some film shots taken at the big anti-Viet Nam War demonstration in Washington DC in April, 1971.

Instant Dreams

Went to see a film called Instant Dreams about people chasing the dream of Polaroid Instant film in the years since its demise. Very strange film with lots of gratuitous and superfluous stock footage filling it out. Highlighted Edwin Land’s prescience about a world in which people could engage socially with images they could shoot all day long with a pocket camera no larger than a wallet – but with no sense of irony that today’s smartphones have achieved exactly that. As if to prove the point, here’s my shot of someone photographing the final frames of the credits with their iPhone.

E 12th Street, New York


Lumière d’été

Pier I, Riverside Park, New York

Summer series of outdoor French films. This particular evening, Jean Renoir’s Elena et les Hommes with Ingrid Bergman, selected by her daughter, Isabella Rossellini, shown on Pier I sticking out from Riverside Park into the Hudson River, New Jersey in the background. This is a shot of the animated, psychedelic short they showed first.